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BOB General Information

The Battle of the Books is a competition team.  Teams must read books from the state supplied list, prepare questions, and practice answering questions in a team format. This competition team is voluntary and the work for the team is in addition to classroom assignments. Students will be able to check out additional books from the Media Center, as long as the extra books are from the Battle of the Books list. This is a fun team but does require a commitment of time and effort.

Reading requirements: There are 15 books on the state supplied list in a variety of Lexile levels and reading levels. Students will need to have read their assigned books by their deadlines.  All assigned books must be read by winter break.

Students also need to produce at least 3 questions per chapter in each book (see the attachment – Formation of Questions) OR write a two-page report about the book.

Who may participate? Battle of the Books is open to fourth and fifth-grade students.

How does the competition work? A team consists of a maximum of 12 students and a minimum of 6 students. During the competition, six team members answer the questions about the books they have read to earn points. All answers are the title and author of a particular book.

When and where is the competition? Cluster competitions are usually held in March. The first and second place schools in the Cluster will advance to the Finals, which are usually held in March. All competitions will be held at the CCS’ Educational Resource Center in downtown Fayetteville.   More details about this will be given to your child when it gets closer to competition time.

Students must know every title and author of all 15 books on the list. If you are provided with the name of a book, you will need to be able to answer the author’s name. If you are provided with the author’s name, you will need to be able to answer the title of the book. Students are expected to receive 100 on the author/title test. The test will be given several times during the year.

Students must attend practices. Students should attend as many practices as possible. As the competition gets closer, we may need to have some additional after-school practices. In this case, students should have on time transportation.

What do you do at the practices? We sometimes read together, learn to write questions, but mainly learn to work as a team. The team needs to be well prepared for the competition. We do work hard, but we also have a lot of fun!

Revised on June 3, 2019

Students must pass the RC test for the books in their list with at least a 90.

Students must be able to answer questions about the books. Students will be quizzed on the books in various formats, verbal and written, and will be judged on their performance during practices.

Students will be judged on the completed requirements and performance. Students are expected to have their assigned read upon their return to school from winter break. It is very important that they begin reading books as soon as possible. Only students putting forth a good-faith effort to meet these goals will be permitted to go to the competition. Remember, the team must have at least six students but no more than 12 students.

Students must maintain success in the classroom. Any student may be removed from the team due to difficulties in the classroom.

Students must be on their best behavior at all times. Your best behavior during class and during our practices is expected. Your best behavior at the competition is required. Failure to maintain good behavior may be a reason for dismissal from the team.

What if I have any other questions? You may contact Mrs. Koch at school 483.2425.

Published by Leslie Koch on September 10, 2020